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Keys to Mulching Success

While many homeowners are concerned as to which type of mulch to use on their lawn and garden, not nearly as many spend time wondering if they're spreading it correctly. Did you know that the way in which mulch is spread can have just as much of an impact on your lawn or garden as what mulch you're using?

Read on to learn our tips and tricks to get the garden or lawn that you've always envisioned!


Always clean out the mulch bed when re-mulching

It's imperative that at least some of the old mulch is removed prior to spreading new mulch in the same spot. This is important to ensure that the mulch is being used to the best of its abilities and prevents an excessive buildup of mulch over time. Keep in mind that the thickness of the mulch bed you're spreading varies with each plant or tree.

Mulch benefits bare soil too!

It's been found that mulch carries multiple beneficial factors for all areas of your yard or garden. That's right, even that patch of bare soil you're not sure what to do with can benefit from some mulch! To avoid the inevitable erosion and runoff that bare soil causes, just a thin layer of mulch spread over the soil can make a world of difference in the long run for your yard's aesthetic appearance.

Remember the rule of Goldilocks when spreading mulch: not too little or too much. Try to get it just right.

Typically, you'll see the best results from your plants or trees by spreading about three inches of mulch on the beds, up to twice a year. This amount will preserve moisture while protecting the bed from weeds, without suffocating the plant or tree. However, the right amount of mulch can vary by plant so be sure to keep an eye out and see how they're growing with various amounts of mulch spread to find what works best.

Use Sheffield Farm Products' organic mulch for optimal results

With our organic mulch, we promise that you will see a drastic difference in both the growth and health of your garden and yard. Not only is our mulch composed entirely of organic materials, it's full of essential nutrients and will hold moisture for an extended period of time. Additionally, as the organic materials with decompose over time, there's no need to put down a protective layer between the mulch and soil. This will drastically improve the aesthetic of your yard or garden!

Unearth the lawn and garden of your dreams with our tips and highest-quality mulch products.

Happy mulching season!

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