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Composting in the Summertime

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

With the warm weather and sunshine upon us, we're here to offer some tips and tricks for composting to get the best garden you've ever had!

Make Sure You're Using the Correct Ratio of Materials

To ensure that your compost will decompose properly, it's best to use a larger amount of dry or "brown" materials than hot or "green" materials in your mixture. Dry compost materials include coffee filters, egg shells, leaves, dried grass, etc., while hot materials are often already decomposing fruit and vegetables, coffee grounds, manure, etc. In order for the hot materials to effectively activate the compost pile, it's recommended that one uses roughly 4 times the amount of dry materials than hot materials. Our compost here at Sheffield Farm Products uses the perfect ratio of materials to ensure your growing success!

Chop Up Materials into Smaller Pieces

It's important that all materials going into your compost pile are adequately sized to make sure that your compost will decompose as fast as possible. After all, the smaller the bits and pieces are, the quicker they'll be able to break down! If you've already chopped up your materials into small pieces, but see that your compost is not decomposing as quickly as you'd like, it's likely that your pile is too small for enough heat to generate. Your pile still needs to have enough mass so that heat is able to decompose the materials.

Remember to Water and Turn the Compost

Like all other living beings, compost requires water and oxygen to properly decompose and help your garden. It's essential to turn your compost pile routinely with a shovel so that all parts of the pile can breathe, as well as water the pile when there's a lack of rain. While you don't want your compost to be soaked, it's crucial that it be moist.

We hope this helps, and wish you the best of luck with your gardening this summer! We hope to see you stop by Sheffield Farm Products soon!

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